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Meet Tina

[S]ELECTION CODE follows the story of a Navy SEAL Gold Star Mom, Cancer survivor and Whistleblower Tina Peters. As the elected Mesa County Clerk in Colorado, she made a backup of her county’s Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election as well as the 2020 general election. Clerk Peters’ discovery ignites a chain reaction upending her life.

For the last two and a half years, she has continued to be inundated with costly lawfare and personal attacks assassinating her character, illegally removing her from office and draining her life savings, simply because of her effort to wake people up to see the dangers of forces taking over your very liberties.

Watch the documentary below to see the tyranny against her for doing the job the citizens elected her to do. Once you see what Tina Peters has endured to protect your vote, you will choose to unite with her to save America! Why? Because you’re next if we allow this tyranny to continue!

As of January 10, 2023, with the end of her elected position and salary, she is needing funding to continue to support her work educating, sounding the alarm and empowering others to unite to save America.

As a whistleblower, Tina has continued to support our cause to save the America we love through her brave efforts. She is especially grateful to our amazing patriot Mike Lindell.

Tina Sheds A Light on Elections

“Everyone can do something. There are more of us than there are of them. They can’t get us all.” – Tina Peters

One brave public official has finally stepped forward to blow the whistle on the lack of transparency and security in our elections and stand strong in the face of those who are determined to take her down. As an elected official, Clerk Peters was obligated to protect and preserve the election records of the voters who put her in office.

We thank all of Tina’s current supporters and invite all like minded persons and parties to join her in this movement. We can be united no matter who you are.

Unite With Tina to Save America

Political Theater is playing out. Unite With Tina To Save America.